A School’s Journey Toward Trauma Sensitivity – New Video

There is a growing understanding of the need for trauma-sensitive schools among educators but we are often asked “how do you do it?” TLPI is pleased to share this 10 minute video highlighting one elementary school’s journey to create a trauma-sensitive, safe and supportive school by using the process-based approach outlined in Helping Traumatized Children Learn, Vol. 2.

In the video, A School’s Journey Toward Trauma Sensitivity, we hear from the school’s leaders, teachers and other staff members who worked together to create significant changes in their school’s culture.

“It’s been hard to describe what a trauma-sensitive school is and when people come to visit, I feel like they want to see one specific thing. But, it’s not one specific thing, it’s many different parts moving at the same time and how everyone comes together and how we work with each other and how we work with our children to create that welcoming safe and supportive environment. . .” principal, Natalie Pohl.

Watch the video here

This school is one of five schools that participated in TLPI’s two-year Trauma-Sensitive Schools Descriptive Study conducted by the American Institutes for Research.  Outcomes of this study include:

  • decreased office referrals and disciplinary incidents
  • improved staff and student relationships
  • positive changes in school climate as evidenced by reports of fewer crisis
  • schools feeling “safer” and “calmer”
  • more parent communication and engagement.
  • increased staff cohesion

Please click here to read our research snapshot.

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