New Video Discussion Guide Available Now

TLPI Video Discussion Guide-Why We Need Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Since the release of the video last fall, we received a large number of requests to share the video. Many who contacted us let us know that there was a desire to start a trauma-sensitive schools discussion in their own communities. In response to these requests, we developed a discussion guide to go along with the video.

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Urgent! Act Now–Safe and Supportive Schools Line Item

Image of Massachusetts State House.

Unfortunately, the Safe and Supportive Schools line item (7061-9612) was significantly decreased in the FY18 House Ways and Means Budget. The proposed budget includes only $200,000, which is a reduction of $200,000 from the amount that was appropriated in last year’s budget. Thankfully, Representative Ruth Balser of Newton is filing a budget amendment to fund this line item at $400,000. This will restore critical funding for the line item.

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Children’s Rights Orgs Amicus Brief Says Criminalizing Burping Goes Too Far.

This amicus brief in AM v Holmes asks the Supreme Court to hear a case on behalf of a student who was charged with a crime for burping loudly in class.While we know little of the reasons behind the behavior, advocates across the country from well respected children’s right organizations argue that the precedent established by this 10th Circuit decision upholding the criminal charge, could result in criminalizing behavior that includes: “boredom or insecurity due to a lack of understanding of the material being taught, to hunger, stress, disability, health issues, or unaddressed trauma”

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Why We Need Trauma Sensitive Schools Video

Play Video - Why we need trauma sensitive schools

We are pleased to share our new video “Why We Need Trauma-Sensitive Schools”. This video highlights the importance of leadership—superintendents, assistant superintendents-principals, and educators—in creating the understanding and infrastructure that can support the team work among staff needed to support all children to be successful.

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Too Scared to Learn? The Academic Consequences of Feeling Unsafe in the Classroom

A study in Urban Education found “Students who reported feeling unsafe in the classroom experience a consistent decrease in math scores.” This highlights the importance of a safe school environment as a prerequisite for productive learning and provides insight into the relationship between feelings of safety in the classroom and academic achievement.

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White House Conference on Trauma: MA Delegation Presents

During a recent event at the White House focusing on how schools should be addressing the traumatic experiences of girls, and girls of color in particular, Sara Burd, District Leader of Social Emotional Learning in Reading, MA shared the innovative approaches used across the Commonwealth to endeavor to create Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for all students.

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