Are we ready to become a trauma-sensitive school?


This month’s blog post explores one of the key findings of the AIR research report related to readiness or the extent to which the school is both willing and able to undertake the process of becoming trauma sensitive, safe and supportive. We also share readiness questions that can help your school determine readiness to engage in the work of becoming trauma sensitive.

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End of School Year Reflection

For many of us, the end of the school year is near. This time of year offers an opportunity for reflection as well as celebrating successes, taking stock of accomplishments, and thinking ahead to what might need to be considered for next year.  Many schools have been guided by the use of the trauma-sensitive vision questions help make sure that the chosen actions move the school closer to becoming trauma-sensitive.  In this blog post we share a few ideas and questions to help  in reflecting on the year and preparing for continuing the work to become a trauma-sensitive/safe and supportive into next school year.

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