Trauma Sensitive Middle/High School – Video

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We are thrilled to share with you this short video highlighting one middle/high school’s journey to create a trauma-sensitive, safe and supportive school. Highlighted in the video are the ways in which this school embraces parent engagement and student voice to help guide their efforts to create a vibrant learning community where all staff work together to create a school that embodies the values of safety, trusting relationships, connection, equity,  belonging, and adaptability.

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TLPI Video: Impact of Trauma on Learning Part 3: Relationships

Impact of Trauma on Learning Part 3 - Relationships

In this post, we are excited to share the third in our three part series of short videos on the impacts of trauma on learning, classroom behavior, and relationships. One of the most important roles schools can play in the lives of students is helping them to have good relationships with peers and adults. Research indicates that positive student-teacher relationships can help increase academic engagement and performance. But for students impacted by traumatic experiences, forming and maintaining relationships with their peers and with the adults around them can be challenging.  To learn more, please view the video below.

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Video on the Impact of Trauma on Learning Part 2: Classroom Behavior

Impact of Trauma on Learning Part 2 - Classroom-Behavior

In this post, we share the second in our three part series of short videos on the impact of trauma on learning: academics, classroom behavior and relationships.  Last month, we introduced the first in this series of short videos featuring TLPI training director, Joel M. Ristuccia, Ed.M. speaking about the impact of trauma on learning, Part 1: Academic Performance. This week we share Part 2 in the series, wherein the impact of trauma on classroom behavior is explored.

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New Webinar on Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Communities

In previous blog posts, we shared information, tools and resources for use in creating trauma-sensitive schools. This month, we are excited to share with you an additional tool for getting started on the journey to trauma-sensitivity in your school. TLPI Training Director, Joel Ristuccia, Ed.M., recently had the opportunity to present a webinar on creating safe and supportive learning environments for all students for the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Safe and Supportive Schools grantees. 

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Cherokee Point Creates a Trauma-Sensitive School for All Students

Cherokee Point Elementary School is featured in a new video from The California Endowment. This San Diego school has incorporated trauma-sensitive principles into their daily operations, with dramatic results. “Understanding the whole child, where they are coming from, how we treat students with respect, is a trauma-informed philosophy.

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