CfJJ Report Highlights the Promise of the Safe and Supportive Schools Law for Multi-System Youth

Citizens for Juvenile Justice has released a policy report “Missed Opportunities: Preventing Youth in the Child Welfare System from Entering the Juvenile Justice System”. The report describes the role that trauma from adverse experiences can play in the learning and behavior challenges that are associated with increased risk for juvenile delinquency among children in the child welfare system. The report also highlights Massachusetts’ Safe and Supportive Schools law as a policy that has potential for helping to prevent students in the child welfare system from entering the juvenile justice system by fostering the creation of stable and supportive school communities.

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Children’s Law Center Calls for Trauma-Sensitive Schools in D.C.

In a new report, the Children’s Law Center of Washington, D.C. calls for the implementation of trauma-sensitive schools to support students. “Education reforms in the District will not fully succeed if schools do not address the trauma that students bring with them to class,” said Judith Sandalow, Executive Director of Children’s Law Center.

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ABA Trauma-Informed Advocacy for Children and Youth

American Bar Association

The American Bar Association (ABA) is calling for legal representation that recognizes the impact of trauma and “reflects an awareness of trauma’s adverse impacts on children and youth in contact with the legal system.” It calls for collaboration to facilitate and support recovery. TLPI’s Education law clinic approach was highlighted as part of the solution.

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NCAR Report on National Awareness of ACEs

National Collaborative on Adversity and Resilience

Last December, TLPI joined leaders convened by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to discuss ways to expand national awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and methods to promote prevention and healing. Everyone is encouraged to read this important report from the Proceedings of the National Collaborative on Adversity and Resilience (NCAR).

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