Futures Without Violence Supports Trauma-Sensitive Schools

A new policy report from Futures Without Violence recommends the implementation of trauma sensitive practices in a whole school environment.

Safe, Healthy and Ready to Learn”, a new policy report from Futures Without Violence calls for “sufficient funding to dramatically increase the creation and expansion of trauma-sensitive schools”, as one of several key recommendations about what children and youth need to overcome the effects of violence and other traumatic experiences. This call for trauma sensitive schools is one of their major recommendations designed to  “promote positive school climates, be trauma sensitive and raise achievement” . The report draws from the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative’s book,  “Creating and Advocating for Trauma Sensitive Schools” to define a trauma-sensitive school as one in which “all students are welcomed and supported and where addressing trauma’s impact on learning on a school-wide basis is the center of its educational mission. An ongoing inquiry-based process allows for the necessary teamwork, coordination, creativity, and sharing of responsibility for all students.” The report states that ” Becoming a trauma-sensitive school is an effort that requires the whole school.  It is not a call for more mental health services alone, but instead applies a trauma-sensitive framework to the policies, procedures, and behaviors of the whole school staff. ”


Read “Safe, Health and Ready to Learn: Policy Recommendations to Ensure Children thrive in Supportive Communities Free from Violence and Trauma” here.


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