Learning Community Frequently Asked Questions

class raising hands and asking teacher question

Who can comment on this blog?

Any member of our learning community is welcome to comment on the blog.  However, our focus is on educators and other professionals working with children who have experienced trauma

What kind of comments are you looking for?

We welcome all comments that advance the conversation, provide insight into the topics being discussed and bring new perspectives and insights.

Do you edit comments?

We do not edit comments for content or length.  On occasion, it may be necessary for us to remove a comment.  Please refer to our community guidelines to see what may result in the removal of a comment.

I found an inappropriate comment. What do I do?

Please report inappropriate comments by emailing mdelrosario@massadvocates.org

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to TLPI through our contact us form.


Reasons a comment was deleted

  • It was spam or an advertisement.
  • The use of abusive language, name calling, profanity or personal attacks
  •  Incoherence or failure to stay on topic.
  •  Vague complaints about the topic of the blog. Substantive critiques or criticism is welcome.  Please let us know about factual or grammatical errors by emailing mdelrosario@massadvocates.org
  • The posting of content published elsewhere without proper attribution
  •  It revealed too much personal or identifying information about the commenter or a third party.