Children’s Law Center Calls for Trauma-Sensitive Schools in D.C.

The Children’s Law Center works to ensure that every child in the District of Columbia has a solid foundation of family, health and education.

In a new report, the Children’s Law Center of Washington, D.C. calls for the implementation of trauma-sensitive schools to support students. “Education reforms in the District will not fully succeed if schools do not address the trauma that students bring with them to class,” said Judith Sandalow, Executive Director of Children’s Law Center. “Put another way: if we fail traumatized students our schools will fail as well.” Highlighting the work done to bring trauma-sensitive schools to Massachusetts,  Addressing Childhood Trauma in DC Schools uses the components laid out in TLPI’s Helping Traumatized Children Learn: Volume 2 to identify what makes a school trauma-sensitive. This report comes out in advance of a roundtable discussion on trauma-informed schools hosted by a member of the Council of the District of Columbia.

Click here to read “Addressing Childhood Trauma in DC Schools”.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming roundtable discussion.

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