Trauma-Sensitive Vision Questions

Remote Teaching of StudentWe are at the start of a new school year, one like no other. And though so much has changed, one constant is the need for continuing the work of creating safe and supportive, trauma-sensitive learning environments for all students.

As students are welcomed back to school this year, new needs and urgencies will be identified by school staff. As educators think through how to address these urgencies in a trauma-sensitive way, TLPI offers a tool-the trauma-sensitive vision questions– to help support educators’ efforts to engage in active reflection and thoughtful inquiry on ways to achieve their vision of creating a trauma-sensitive, safe and supportive learning environment.  These questions serve as a touchstone or reminder to keep the vision in clear view as schools identify priorities and plan, implement and evaluate action plans.

Please read about the trauma-sensitive vision questions as well as tips for how to use them and additional resources.

Whether learning takes place face-to-face, remotely or in a hybrid model, trauma-sensitive educators understanding the impact trauma has on the ability of students to learn is critical to their success. Developing a deep understanding of trauma’s impact helps educators recognize that learning requires safety, trusting relationships, connection, equity and belonging, adaptability, and working together as a school community. This understanding can guide educators in taking actions that help move them closer to the vision of creating a trauma-sensitive learning environment.

Wishing you a successful and safe school year.

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