Trauma Sensitivity in Early Learning

We hope that despite the turbulence of the past few weeks at the national level, you are having a successful start to this New Year in your schools and districts. We write this month to share a recently published article with you.

The January, 2021 edition of School Administrator, the American Association of School Administrators’ award-winning monthly magazine, features an article titled , Trauma Sensitivity in Early Learning, which describes the importance of safety, connection and the application of the trauma lens in early learning including the critical role of family engagement.

Authored by TLPI’s Director, Susan Cole and trauma-sensitive school leader, Joanne Camillo, principal of the Barrett Russell Early Childhood Center is Brockton, MA, this article also contains insights from research conducted by Devin Attallah and colleagues at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education on the positive outcomes from engaging in a process-based approach for creating trauma-sensitive schools.    Among other things, the researchers conclude that these schools put in place practices that embrace diversity and inspire difficult dialogues across cultural differences, leading to strengthened relationships and the cultivation of meaningful conversations and connectivity.

“Early childhood educators know well that young children must have strong caring relationships with adults and peers to develop appropriately, gain the foundations for learning and master the curriculum. With families taking on greater roles related to learning at school, this time of remote and hybrid has brought to light the importance of sustained and robust partnerships with families.”  Principal Camillo shares concrete strategies used in her school and district that help keep students and families connected to their school community.

 Read the full article here.


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