Welcome to the Trauma Sensitive Schools Learning Community

young-school-childrenWelcome to the Trauma Sensitive Schools Learning Community!

We have been hard at work updating and improving the format and content of our Trauma Sensitive Schools learning community and we appreciate your patience as we launch this effort. This summer, we are in the beginning phase of establishing our learning community and plan to continue to have robust content by the fall of 2016.  It is a work in progress and we look forward to including your valuable input.

The purpose of this learning community is to further the work of creating trauma sensitive schools so that all students, including those affected by adversity, can learn and achieve at their highest levels. It is our hope that this Trauma Sensitive Schools learning community becomes a safe place for all those interested in creating trauma sensitive schools to share experiences, ideas, resources and examples of their efforts as well as strategies for overcoming barriers to moving this work forward in schools. Our goal is to provide a space that continues to move the conversation forward in a safe and supportive way.

As a member of our learning community, you will be able to read and comment on our learning community blog posts and participate in our discussion forums. We ask that all comments follow our community guidelines. If you have questions or concerns about comments, please email mdelrosario@massadvocates.org. We look forward to exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, building upon efforts that are underway and to hosting a vibrant discussion about creating safe and supportive learning environments for all students.

TLPI Staff

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