Additional Blog Posts that highlight the benefits of Trauma-Sensitive Schools.

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Benefits of Trauma-Sensitive Schools:

Trauma-Sensitive Schools Research Study Released


This two-year study by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) provides new evidence that an understanding of trauma sensitivity can lead to changes in practice and new ways of interacting with both students and with fellow staff members.
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Research shows transformational benefits of trauma-sensitive school culture

An Evaluation of the Trauma and Learning Policy Intitiative's (TLPI) Inquiry-Based Process: Year Three

As schools across the country prepare to reopen in the fall, they are expected to continue the process of navigating the collective and unprecedented traumas of both the COVID-19 crisis and its disproportionate impact on communities of color, as well as the police murders of black men and women which have led to worldwide marches and demonstrations fighting against racial injustice and inequity. Read more…

Effective practices for integrating student supports in a trauma-sensitive, safe and supportive school


A safe and supportive school culture promotes a sense of safety and belonging, nurtures relationships, fosters students’ ability to regulate emotions and behaviors, supports health and well-being, and enhances academic development. Effectively integrating services and supports into a school requires a school infrastructure where school-based student support staff and community providers can work collaboratively, confidentially, and in a coordinated way. Read more…

Teacher and Student Relationships:
The Power of Trust

The positive influence of trusting relationships on student learning cannot be overstated. Whether the learning environment is in-person, remote, hybrid, or in continual flux, one key factor remains constant: the relationship between students and their teachers is critical. In this excerpt video, “The Importance of Relationships and Trust” listen to Eddie, Destiny, Lola, and Juliebeth, students at the Salem Academy Charter School, a trauma-sensitive demonstration school, speak passionately about the impact their trusted teachers have on their education and passion for learning
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Welcoming Learning Environments Benefit Students, in School and at Home

A welcoming environment benefits student learning in school and at home


For students, whether they are gathering in a classroom or connecting online, being part of a warm and welcoming school community is critical to their success: they must feel safe, valued and a sense of belonging. Supportive, responsive environments have tremendous benefits, including strengthening student engagement, increasing daily attendance, and building positive student-teacher relationships. Read more…