How do we know whether we are becoming a trauma-sensitive school?

The inquiry-based process encourages schools to identify their own measures of success in order to assess the effectiveness of their school’s action plan. Key to assessing effectiveness is making sure that tracking progress is an on-going process and that the steering committee think creatively about the kinds of data that they might look at to chart their progress toward trauma-sensitivity. We encourage steering committees to pay attention to two types of data. The first of these is the qualitative changes in the practices and behaviors of faculty, staff and students. A second type of measure involves outcome measures and measures of individual student success.

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Creating a Successful Action Plan (Part 2)

Here we share another set of questions as a useful tool for creating a successful Action Plan: the Flexible Framework Questions. Once the school’s steering committee has identified its major actions, answering the Flexible Framework Questions will ensure that trauma-sensitivity weaves throughout all of the school’s core operations.

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Creating a Successful Action Plan (Part 1)


As the steering committee moves toward action planning, it is important to determine which of the priorities the school should address first. Though there may be several pressing concerns, key to success is choosing one or two priorities that are achievable to start addressing first.

It may be helpful to consider:

Which of the priorities is most pressing?
Which seem achievable in the short-term?
Which of the priorities will lead us closer to our goal of becoming more trauma-sensitive?

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Articulating Urgency

The process of creating a trauma-sensitive school begins when an individual’s or small group of staff have a sense of urgency about the need to address an important school priority.  When a significant number of staff determine to address this urgent priority in a trauma-sensitive way the seed for making change can take hold.

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New Video Discussion Guide Available Now

TLPI Video Discussion Guide-Why We Need Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Since the release of the video last fall, we received a large number of requests to share the video. Many who contacted us let us know that there was a desire to start a trauma-sensitive schools discussion in their own communities. In response to these requests, we developed a discussion guide to go along with the video.

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