AcesTooHigh Covers Safe and Supportive Schools Bill

Aces to high-squareElizabeth Prewitt,, covers Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s signing Safe and Supportive Schools legislation into law in her article Massachusetts Safe and Supportive Schools” provisions signed into law, boosts trauma-informed school movement

“Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick today signed into law provisions to create conditions for “safe and supportive schools” intended to improve education outcomes for children statewide, and giving momentum to the state’s trauma-informed schools movement. They were included in The Reduction of Gun Violence bill (No. 4376). This groundbreaking advance was achieved when advocates seized the opportunity to add behavioral health in the schools to the options under consideration as state officials searched for ways to strengthen one of the nation’s more restrictive gun laws in the aftermath of the tragic shooting of schoolchildren in Newtown, CT.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo saw the connection between reducing gun violence and school achievement and was instrumental in the bill’s passage. When the original sponsor of a Safe and Support Schools Act, Katherine Clark, left the state legislature for the U.S. House of Representatives, some advocates were concerned the void would not be filled. Their fears were assuaged when Rep. Ruth Balser of Newton and Sen. Sal DiDomenico of Boston became lead sponsors.”

Please continue reading Elizabeth Prewitt’s article, to learn more about this important Safe and Supportive Schools legislation.

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