Action Alert: Conference Committee Convenes

Act now to ensure adequate funding for Safe and Supportive Schools!

The Conference Committee has convened to finalize the state budget. The Senate recommendation of is for $500,000 and the House 400,000.  This additional $100,000 in funding included in the Senate version would enable more a more robust implementation of the Safe and Supportive Schools statute. We need your help to make sure the Senate version of the recommendation for Safe and Supportive Schools is included in the final budget.  We are writing with an URGENT request to please email your Representative and your Senator, (click on this link to send an email) asking them to co-sign a letter jointly written by Rep. Ruth Balser and Senator Jason Lewis requesting the Conference Committee adopt the Senate version of the appropriation and language. With your help this critical funding at the higher level will be included in the final budget.  Many thanks for your support of Safe and Supportive Schools.

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