Act Now for the Safe and Supportive Schools Line Item!

The Senate Ways and Means budget was released this week and the line item for Safe and Supportive Schools includes $500,000.  Senator Sal DiDomenico has filed a  budget amendment (# 171) for the Safe and Supportive Schools line item (7061-9612). Senator DiDomenico’s amendment would increase the amount of funding for the line item to $600,000, the same amount included in the House budget this year.  This will allow more schools and districts to receive grants to create and implement Safe and Supportive Schools Action Plans.

The amendment would also incorporate important language changes that were included by the House and that would implement recommendations made by the Safe and Supportive Schools Commission, such as providing leadership summits to help support superintendents and principals.

We are writing with an URGENT request to please email your MA Senator (click on this link to send an email) and ask him or her to co-sponsor Senator DidDomenico’s amendment!

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