Boston Public Schools say Safe and Supportive Schools are “an issue of equity”

In an interview with BNN News, Andria Amador of the Boston Public Schools talks about creating trauma-sensitive schools and Social Emotional Learning.

In an interview with Boston Neighborhood Network NewsAndria Amador, Boston Public Schools’ Assistant Director of Special Education & Related Services-Comprehensive Student Support Services, is interviewed about Boston Public School’s use of Social Emotional Learning and creating safe environments for all students. With the SEL Alliance for Massachusetts‘ annual conference coming up, Amador emphasizes the need for all students to have safe environments in which to learn. “All Boston Public Schools strive to be safe and supportive schools and to be trauma-sensitive…It’s an issue of equity and access that all students should go to safe and supportive schools.”

Watch the entire interview with Andria Amador here.

Click here to learn more about the SEL Alliance for Massachusetts.

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