News and Update May 2, 2016

Good news!!  Rep. Ruth Balser’s budget amendment to restore the critical funding needed to continue implementation of the Safe and Supportive Schools statute resulted in the House putting $400,000 in the consolidated education budget (an increase of $200,000).  Thanks to the many Massachusetts coalition members who contacted their Representatives, the line item had strong support from 70 members of the  House  who signed on to co-sponsor the amendment.  We are grateful for the leadership of Rep. Balser and the support of the many legislators who  co-sponsored her amendment, and we thank all the Massachusetts residents who contacted their Representatives.  As the budget process moves forward through the Senate, we will continue our advocacy effort to reach the full $575,000 in funding for the Safe and Supportive Schools line item that Representative Balser requested. We will update you when the Senate budget is released about whether your help will be needed again to secure co-sponsors for a Senate amendment for the line item. Again, thank you so much. And Stay tuned!


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