News and Update May 19, 2016

Great news! Newly released Senate Ways and Means Budget funds the Safe and Supportive Schools Line Item at $500,000.

The Massachusetts Senate has released its recommendations for the FY17 budget, and funding for Safe and Supportive Schools was restored to $500,000.

This critical funding, if included in the final budget, would enable the continued implementation of the provisions of the Safe and Supportive Schools Framework statute, and will increase the capacity of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to carry out all of the duties the legislature outlined in the statute.

An amendment to the Senate budget is not needed  at this time, but please stay tuned as we will be asking you to contact your Representative and Senator in early June, when the budget Conference Committee will convene to finalize the state budget. Your e-mails in June will be needed to urge your Representative and Senator to request that the Conference Committee adopt the Senate appropriation and budget language for the Safe and Supportive Schools Line Item.

We are grateful for the widespread support of the Safe and Supportive Schools Line item in the Senate. As the budget process moves forward, we hope that you will continue to participate in the advocacy effort to support adequate funding for the Safe and Supportive Schools line. Please stay tuned!

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