TLPI Video: Impact of Trauma on Learning Part 3: Relationships

Impact of Trauma on Learning Part 3 - Relationships

In this post, we are excited to share the third in our three part series of short videos on the impacts of trauma on learning, classroom behavior, and relationships. One of the most important roles schools can play in the lives of students is helping them to have good relationships with peers and adults. Research indicates that positive student-teacher relationships can help increase academic engagement and performance. But for students impacted by traumatic experiences, forming and maintaining relationships with their peers and with the adults around them can be challenging.  To learn more, please view the video below.

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The Consensus Report on School Discipline

Council of State Governments

The Council on State Governments recently issued its long-awaited report titled The Consensus Report on School Discipline, which was presented to the White House and the Department of Education. It calls for creating positive school climates with collaborative services to address the discipline crisis. It refers to volume 2 of Helping Traumatized Children Learn in recognizing the importance of trauma in creating a positive school climate and highlighted the Massachusetts Behavioral Health and Public Schools Framework.

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